Herkimer Quartz Pendant, Root Chakra, Garnet

62 USD

Chakra pendant from the Quartz collection
Tiny blood red Garnets wrapped around Clear Quartz point or briolette suspended underneath a Herkimer Diamond Quartz.

There are many varieties of Garnet. I chose these blood red Rhodolites for tapping into 1st chakra Root energy work that focuses on strengthening our foundation with self-worth and emotional healing. 

All Quartz is a stone of light. And while Quartz is an amplifier, it is also programmable. With concentration and intent, the wearer or holder of Quartz can program it to help achieve just about any goal in life.
The double termination (two pointy ends) of Herkimers allows the flow of energy to go in through one point and out through the other point.

Length: 1 1/2 inches (3.81 cm)
herkimer diamond quartz crystal, clear quartz, garnet, silver plated copper wire


* Read my article in The Wellness Universe and learn more about using Herkimers and other forms of Quartz.