Moss Agate and Lava pendant in Copper

50 USD

The uncommon elements of polished yet rustic pendant make for a striking and powerful piece.
No two pieces of Moss Agate are alike and its name is well suited: deep green wisps of 'moss' seem to float in milky translucent water captured in a donut-shaped disc. The Moss Agate is bound to a bold cube of Raw Lava by thick wraps of copper wire. The ensemble is strung on an adjustable copper-colored satin cord.

Moss Agate is a grounding stone that helps the wearer bring stability and peace, balancing moods and bringing inner calm.
Lava (Basalt) also helps bring stability, especially in times of great change. It helps dissipate anger and strengthens our connection to Mother Earth.

moss agate, lava, copper