Rose Quartz Serenity Pendant with Jade

172 USD

from the Rose Quartz Serenity collection
This is a one of a kind pendant.
It is one of a kind because of its simple kiss. Do you remember those kisses? They were solid sterling silver, smooth and sensuous. Oh yeah, that's a lot of alliteration, but you'll forgive me once you put this pendant on

This kiss peeks out from beneath a cluster of green Jade. This kiss is rich and deep and abundant.
In many cultures Jade is associated with good health and abundance. For this piece, I focused on the abundance aspect by creating the joyful cluster dancing around the silver kiss, as well as the swirl of jade that almost hides the bail on top of a hand-carved Rose Quartz orb.
While Rose Quartz is most frequently associated with romantic love, it is also an amazingly high energy gemstone, particularly when tapping into the healing love that calms and soothes us from within. The kind of love that is sometimes needed before romantic love shows itself.

Healing loving energy. Abundance punctuated with a sensuous silver kiss.
It's calling your name.

This pendant is strung on an adjustable silken black cord so you can layer it with other ACJ treasures.
Rose Quartz and Serenity are the 2016 Pantone Colors of the Year.

Length:  hangs 2 in / 5.08 cm from bail on adjustable silk cord
Width:  .75 in / 1.90 cm
rose quartz, jade, sterling silver