Tourmalinated Quartz Drops With Lower Spiral earrings

57 USD

Sweet and small but glittering Clear Quartz faceted drops have fine threads of Black Tourmaline crystals inside. These gems are hugged in a fine silver cap with a spiral accent sitting close to the stone. 
If you've read my article published in The Wellness Universe, you know that clear quartz has the ability to amplify everything. You can learn to program the stone to focus on what you need. With Tourmalinated Quartz, however, the Black Tourmaline's purifying energy clears negativity, which allows the Clear Quartz to amplify positive energy.  Tourmalinated Quartz is unique in that this powerful combination allows us to tap into the full spectrum of vibrations - from lowest to highest - while removing densities and blockages in order to maintain an energetic balance. 

Length: 1 inch on handcrafted fine silver ear wires 
gemstones are approximately 1/2 inch wide max. 

tourmalinated quartz, fine silver