Upcycled Computer Pendant

37 USD

These are my latest pieces in the ACJ Upcycled Collection.
These pendants are the result of a combination of my interest in science (you have to say that like Thomas Dolby sang in "she blinded me with science!"), my daughter's and my wish to not see this beautiful material - computer motherboards - end up in a landfill. The computer elements are encased in transparent, eco-friendly resin and set in a copper bezel.
No two pendants are alike.

Available strung on an adjustable leather cord (color varies) or attached to a metal key ring. please specify below.
upcycled computer, eco-friendly resin, reclaimed copper

Note: I debuted these 'gems' at the Twin Cities Social Justice Arts Festival on November 5th 2016, and they were snatched up as soon as I put them on the display!
So these three pendants are all that is in stock ... for now.
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